Spa treatments

Airbrush Tanning
(100% Vegan & Organic)

Sjolie Sunless is a family owned and operated company out of C.A. sourcing the world's finest naturally derived ingredients and materials to support our professional health conscientious reputation in the community. Our entire product line is paraben free, erythulose free and fragrance free

Body Treatments & Wraps

Choose from one of these 100% Organic European Style Body Treatments & Wraps. Established in France in 1932, these treatments provide everyone the opportunity to relax, nourish and soothe the body. Each treatment is designed to include a body cleanse, exfoliation and mask. Mini-service add-on treatments and wraps available.

Soothing Body Peel Off Mask

The thermoplastic properties of marine silt, and its exceptional mineral composition nourishes the skin and restores its natural balance. The marine silt helps to detoxify and soothe the body. During perspiration it captures toxins from the body while releasing marine ions, trace elements and revitalizing minerals. Treat yourself to this if you feel tired and your skin feels dry and dull.

Purifying & Detox Wrap

The synergy between Algalith and Pink Clay have complementary properties. When combined their exfoliation, smoothing and absorbent powers are more effective. The skin is cleansed, purified and the dead cells and impurities removed. The seawater and seaweed nutrients nourish and respire the whole body leaving the skin more supple and soft. 

Anti-Aging Body Peel Off Mask

The Peel off Anti-Ageing Body wrap promotes cell renewal by supplying amino acids from the Spiruloina that are essential for the supporting tissues. It also has strong antioxidant properties of trapping and neutralizing free radicals. Cell renewal is stimulated, wrinkles are reduced because the skin becomes more elastic and the adverse effects of sunshine are overcome. The gentle moisturizing properties of kelp alginates, Pro-Retinol, Vitamin C and seaweed deliver vitality and tone. 

Heating Body Mask

The Heating Peel off Body wrap mask formulated with biological and physio-chemical properties of alginates and signature blend essential oils promote hydration, muscle tension release and stress reduction. It's heat effect reinforces the penetration of these ingredients. Enjoy a warm scalp massage to promote deeper relaxation and stress release. 

Anti-Cellulite, Firming & Toning Wrap

This treatment is designed to target areas with excess fluid, fatty deposits and slackening tissues. Eliminates the orange peel aspect of the skin due to excess fatty deposits and increases suppleness and elasticity to tissues while improving the skins surface texture and softness. Active ingredients of theobromine in cocoa helps mobilize lipid reserves and caffeine in guarana, gently stimulates the body and restores its natural balance. The signature blend of essential oils combined with pure marine ingredients effectively restore a healthy metabolism to adipose tissue and toxins and excess fluids are eliminated from the body. 

Cold Cryogenic Leg Wrap

The Peel Off Cooling Body wrap is an invigorating treatment for the legs. It promotes blood circulation and works on releasing toxins from the lymphatic system. The alginates and menthol leave you feeling fresh and firmed up. The sodium alginate has a moisturizing effect and a feeling of lightness to the legs and skin is restored.